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24People Brings Ambitions Together!

Welcome to the table

We'll get you at the table! At the table with the right employer, with the right arguments, with real chances for that job! Why is that? Just because it's our job, every day!
And we can do it because of our industry specialization at every level. Because of our regional knowledge, involvement and a large personal network, because that is what typifies the people of 24People.

All of them are entrepreneurs who give substance to our mission: '24People Brings Ambitions Together'.
Our challenge? Getting started with your CV, your dreams, motivations and capacities, looking for the employer where you will be successful!

And now I want some news!

Recognize that? You're ready for your next step, you want to grow, develop or just get away from where you are now. The vacancies are there, but how do you get to the table? How do I distinguish myself? How do I sell myself? Flexible, fixed, what is my perspective? What is my risk?

Luckily, there's a choice again. Luckily there are possibilities again.

24People helps you at the table! At the table with the right employer, with the right arguments, with real chances for that job! Why us? Just because it's our job, every day.

We know the industry you want to work in, we have worked in it ourselves, we understand your job and education and above all we know the companies, the decision makers and we know who they are looking for.

Feel free to contact us, by mail or phone. Maybe you see an interesting vacancy on the website. If not, we would still like to invite you for a non-binding interview.

In this conversation we discuss your situation, work experience, wishes and opportunities. Together we decide if we will start a search for you. In this search 24People will look for employers that fit seamlessly with your background and future plans. Of course there are no costs involved and you are not obliged to do anything.

Would you like to go straight to the next step?

Then choose in our menu the branch in which you work and look for a suitable vacancy. Apply directly, upload your CV and add a catchy motivation if necessary.

Any questions? Feel free to call us (070-3834345) or send us an email.

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Our mission statement

24People Brings Ambitions Together!

If there is one subject People's Business, it is our subject. Where our clients have confidence in our 'ability', in our capacities and skills and give us the confidence to look for that new employee who matches the company's ambitions. We immerse ourselves in our client's organisation; his added value to his clients and what really drives him.

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