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Love to help you with your career!

My name is Dorota Krawczuk.

I have a lot of experience in finding the right staff for warehouses and distribution companies. I have started 24People Logistics & Transport Utrecht for creating the perfect match between our clients and our workers. Both are very important for us and only if we make the right match both our clients as well as our workers will benefit from this.

Our clients

I know from experience how important it is to have right staff on right place at work. This is the key to success! I am experienced in selecting the right candidates for my clients and I will make sure that the customer gets the employee with the most appropriate competences that are needed to get the job done.  When a new employee is starting we will monitor it very closely and I will do my utmost to make sure that everything is working out correct or the client and the employee.

Our workers.

My aim is to help my workers to find stable work in this branch. I am not looking at people only as capital and it is my experience that when you have created the right circumstances and have the right employers I can find very good and motivated workers for my clients. We really care about our people and we create the right atmosphere for them in our office and they can contact us for anything.

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  • Werving & Selectie
  • Payrollen
  • Detacheren

24People = Satisfied client + Happy worker!

Call me for an appointment, I will be happy to find the right people for your company!

Tel: 06 - 856 042 47 / Email:

Get in touch with Dorota when:

  • When you are specifically looking for a new job in logistics.
  • You want to talk about possible career options in the future.
  • You have a specific vacancy and you can use help in the search for a suitable candidate.

Whether you have a vacancy or are looking for that new challenge.
Because of my experience and large network I am often able to help you quickly!

You can count on me, Dorota Krawczuk.

Erik geeft jouw carriere een boost!

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Dorota is a person you only need to meet. Despite the gentle and gentle disposition, she has warrior souls. Never before have I met a person who is fighting for temporary employees to be treated well by the company in which they work. This is something unheard of today


Ik ontmoette Dorote toen ik op zoek was naar een baan, na ons eerste gesprek wist ik dat zij de persoon is met wie ik wil werken! Ik stuurde een cv en na 30 minuten had ze een afspraak met een nieuwe werkgever. Geweldig!


My start with Dorota was not easy! But it's my fault. I have been working in the Netherlands for 8 years and unfortunately I know what the reality of the employee looks like. When looking for a job I came across Dorota, I couldn't listen to her positive voice and assure me that everything would be all right and that I didn't have to worry about anything. They say that in every office and later it is different. Oh, I'm so glad I was wrong! Payments are weekly and payslip is transparent. In addition, Dorota is always open to help others and tries to find a solution that suits everyone. Thank you

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